Air fare from Northwest Flying Inc, Nestor Falls:
          $325.00 per person plus 13% HST = $367.25 per person for 2 or more persons

          $580.00 per person plus 13% HST = $655.40 for a party of one person

There are 2 flights per day – 8:30 am and 4:00 pm

          Arrive 8:30 am and depart 8:30 am = full day

          Arrive 4:00 pm and depart 4:00 pm = full day

          Arrive 4:00 pm and depart 8:30 am = 1/2 day

Please arrive at the flight service 30 minutes before your departure time.

Your total allowable cargo weight limit is limited to 300 pounds including your body weight. Overweight charges will be applied and may result in paying for an extra flight or a larger plane. Pack light, use duffel bags, coordinate with your group to prevent double packing. All beer should be in cans instead of bottles. 

Airfare is now paid to the resort and not to the fly-in service and is included in the package price. 

Airfare is subject to change in the spring due to insurance and fuel rates that are unknown at the time.